Human Resources

Paystub or Itemized Wage Statement requirements in California

Did you know there are multiple items that must be included on a paystub or itemized wage statement for employees in California?

The items that must be on a paystub or wage statement include:
• Employee Name
• Last 4 of SSN or another employee identification number
• Gross Wages
• Total hours worked (for hourly non-exempt employees)
• All deductions
• Net wages earned
• Dates that the pay period include
• Name and address of the employer
• All pay rates included in the pay period (Overtime, regular rate, piece rate, etc.)
• Available paid sick leave

If you use an HRIS or online payroll company, you must make sure all items are on the paystub. Compliant electronic copies of paystubs meet this requirement if employees can view and print their paystubs or wage statements as needed. Fines for noncompliance start at $50 and go up to $4000! It is important to ensure you are compliant with California’s wage statement requirements.