SweeterHR Mission,
Vision, & Values

Our Mission

Great employees make great companies. Great companies make great communities. Great employees aren’t born, they’re coached, educated, and inspired. SweeterHR connects local business with local HR strategists to increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity while minimizing risk.

Our Vision

A world where entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs; employees are happy, thriving, and engaged, promoting community and people.

Our 7 Key Values


We are passionate about what we do. This includes the passion we share to support and promote the employer-employee relationship so that businesses, their employees, and their communities can thrive!

Lifelong Learners

We love learning and growing. We are constantly adding to our knowledge base to best support our clients, our co-workers, and our communities so that we can foster intelligent innovation and be the go-to for industry expertise.


We have a deep respect for people, businesses, the environment and our communities. We embrace diversity and those who think differently from ourselves. We approach life with an open mind so we can grow and learn. Respect for others is key to our company culture.

Drive Entrepreneurism

We are entrepreneurs who support entrepreneurs to drive growth in business in our local communities.


We are honest, ethical, transparent, and fair. We adhere to our word.


HR isn’t boring! It can be fun, proactive, and uplifting. We work hard and play hard! We believe in bringing kookiness, boldness, and fun to our day and those around us, every day!


Creativity is the heart of what we do. We use creativity in our work, as we solve issues, and in the creation of the future of our company. We think outside the box and refuse to stick to the status-quo. We understand there is always a better way to do something. “Good enough,” isn’t good enough for us!

We are truly inspired and passionate

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