Tiered Plans

Minimum Wage Updates in California Cities

HR Outsourcing for Businesses

Employment law can be tricky. It can be even trickier in states like California, New York, and New Jersey, We are certified in California labor law, specialized in NY and NJ, and experienced in all states. Noncompliance with employment law is one of the biggest legal pitfalls a small business may face.

We work with small businesses in most industries including: professional services, tech, manufacturing and food manufacturing, health care, non-profits, entertainment, construction, cannabis, and security, to name a few

Many of our small businesses need an HR pro to handle compliance and employee relations, but it doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time HR expert at over $100,000/year for their small business, yet. This is where we come in. We can either operate as a consulting company (answering questions and creating/reviewing policies) or we can operate as your full outsourced HR department.

We can create a compliant HR infrastructure for your business, be your go to expert to call when you have a question, help your current HR team, provide interim HR support, or be your entire HR department.

Have you had an HR audit?

Make sure your practices and policies minimize, not increase, risk.

Operating a business is expensive and wrought with legal potholes that can trip up any company. Sometimes, oftentimes, it can be a headache. You do it because you love it and perhaps, because it is a skill that, after years of experience and practice and uphill battles, you have become an expert. You don’t need more drama to keep you from doing what you love and growing your business.

Give it to us, we will handle it. Free up your time and minimize your headache (not to mention increase profit and minimize risk, which are pretty great features of great HR strategy!)

Hourly or Project-Based Services:

Our Tiered Plans


Our Base Plan:


  • Unlimited HR-Questions via email, phone, or text (ask any question, we are there for
  • Standard HR Documents (Need a document? We will send you standard, compliant HR
    documents from our HR document library)
  • Dedicated HR Expert
  • Proactive HR Updates (Worried you will miss a change in labor law that impacts your
    business? We have you covered and will send you proactive updates so you can relax and
    run your business).
  • Access to Monthly Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for new employees
  • Discounted Hourly Services for additional hourly work


Includes everything in RadHR plus:


  • HR Startup Setup

  • Discipline and Termination Support

  • Termination Documentation Prep

  • Custom Document Creation (up to 2 per month)

  • Weekly Status Calls

  • Employee Engagement Strategies

  • Yearly HR Audit

  • Yearly Handbook Compliance Review and Update

  • Virtual Employee Onboarding

  • Compliance Updates

  • Yearly Company Virtual Instructor-lead

  • Sexual Harassment Training

  • Monthly Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Training for New Employees.

  • Performance Reviews

  • Employee Surveys

  • 2 Manager Trainings/Year


Everything in DopeHR plus:


  • Custom Document Creation (up to 4 per month)

  • Leave Management (PDL, PFL, CFRA, FMLA, ADA)

  • Unlimited Manager Training (Leadership, Communication, and Compliance)

  • Direct Employee Relations (We can do the tricky stuff and take calls/emails directly from employees)


Everything in PhatHR plus:


  • Hiring (up to 3 positions per month)

  • Workers Comp Claim Management

  • OSHA300 & 300A Log Management

  • Safety Training Support and Documentation

  • COVID19 Management

  • Custom Document Creation (up to 5 per month)

  • Create and Maintain Pay Plans and Pay Grades

Have HR questions?
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Why the name SweeterHR?

Our founder used to bring candy when she traveled to other divisions in her previous company. She gave it away to employees to initiate positive interaction (who doesn’t like candy, right?). One of the Partners at the firm said it was “un-professional”. She disagreed. She believes it is fun, like HR can be. She knew there was a sweeter way to deliver HR.

HR is often seen as mundane, unexciting, and transactional. HR strategy is so much more and should never be boring! It is proactive, dealing with human behavior, and helps people, businesses, and employees soar!

HR Premium Projects

HR Startup Setup

Everything your business needs to create a compliant HR infrastructure
so you can grow! HR Audit, Employee Handbook, Job Description
Creation, Hiring Kit, Termination Kit, State and Federal Law Review,
Classification Review, Safety Packet.

HR Audit

A full review of your HR health. We review policies & procedures from hire to retire to look for risk. We provide a full written report of the “good, bad, and ugly” along with best practices and suggestions.


Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for both Supervisors and Employees, Manager Training, Communication Training, and HR Training, to name a few…

CA Safety Plans

Additional written safety plans, the IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Plan) and a COVID19 Plan, are required for California employers. We write those!

Custom Employee Handbooks

What do you put in one? What do you need? What can ‘t you put in it? What should you put in it? How do we relay our culture in the handbook? We custom build a compliant handbook that promotes your company culture with unlimited edits for 12 months!

Need a service plan that is specialized to your unique business requirements?

Reach out to us and we will create one for you!

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