Employee Engagement

And Why It Matters

Happy Employees

They are more engaged in their work than unhappy employees. They promote a healthy culture. We develop happy employee strategies using psychology and business acumen.

Engaged Employees

Engaged Employees are more productive than unengaged employees. Increased productivity increases profit. Companies with engaged employees outperform by over 200% compared to those without (Business.com 2015). This is what we do!

Satisfied & Happy Employees

Satisfied and Happy Employees are more engaged and productive than happy employees alone. Are your employees happy but not satisfied? This is one of the many ways a proactive HR strategy can assist businesses.

Differences in Generation

Did you know Millennials are more likely to choose benefits and culture over pay? With a diverse workforce with multiple generations, do you know how to motivate your employees based on their generational values while making sure you are complaint in rewards and recognition?

Your Dream. Our Mission.

What do your employees want?

Simon Sinek wrote a book, “Start with Why”. Do you know your employees “why”? Do you know why they show up every day to work for you? Is it culture? Is it pay? Is it the time it affords them to spend with family? What are your employees’ drivers? What is the most important thing to them? Are they focused on fast promotion? Do they value time more than money? Do they love what they’re doing more than the pay they receive? Are benefits important to them? Knowing and operating on each of your employees’, “why” to drive their passion for your business is one way to increase employee engagement. We thrive in developing  employee engagement strategies to increase productivity, create a happy work environment, reduce risk, and lower turnover. 


Turnover can cost a business up to 50%-60% of an employee’s yearly salary (SHRM). In fact, $11 billion is lost annually due to turnover (Business.com 2015). If you lose 10 employees and their average salary is $50,000, your business loss due to turnover can average $250,000! That is a huge amount that could be added to your gross margin at the end of the year. 

What would you do with an extra $250,000? Would you expand, add more people, increase salaries or add products? What would that do for your business and your business goals? The options are endless. Minimizing turnover lowers cost, increases employee engagement, increases productivity, increases client satisfaction, and minimizes risk, which increases profit.

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