HR Outsourcing

Why outsource?

Outsourcing minimizes cost, reduces risk, and provides a fresh look and strategy into your business. It does this by reducing the cost a small business spends to hire an HR specialist on staff and it saves businesses with current staff HR specialists from having them spend their precious time on administrative tasks. HR outsourcing can be used as your entire HR department or it can be used as an assistant to your current HR department. This is why SweeterHR provides tiered pricing, to fit your unique business situation and goals. Proactively protecting your business and helping you achieve your goals while adhering to your mission and values is paramount for our HR business strategists.

How Much Do Businesses Spend On Lawsuits?

Employment lawsuits are increasing and so are the settlements. In 2017, the top employment-related settlements totaled $2.72 billion (SHRM, 2018). This is almost $1 billion more than the total in 2016. Wage & hour settlements grew to over $1.2 billion/yr becoming the highest exposure to businesses as we proceed to 2020. Classification errors are some of the most noteworthy issues.

SHRM suggests focusing on prevention to minimize risk and save on unpredictable expense. HR specialists assist with state & city wages, time keeping and tracking, training, wage & hour audits, and classification of workers.

“A dollar spent on risk management and compliance is better than a dollar spent on settling a class-action lawsuit…Businesses can reduce litigation risks by having solid HR practices in place” Maatman (SHRM, 2018).

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How much do businesses spend on HR?

In 2017, businesses allotted an average HR spend of $1,080 per employee, with smaller businesses spending more. Economies of scale impact HR. Thus, smaller businesses (under 250 employees) spend upwards of 6 times as much as large corporations to provide the same services.

SweeterHR caters to small businesses like yours. This is why we offer both recurring and project-based work,  and provide each client with tiered options that fit their unique needs. So you never pay for what you don’t need. Call us today so we can assist you!

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