Lean OSHA Safety Management Consultant

What is a Lean OSHA Safety Management Consultant?

A Lean OSHA Safety management consultant is an advisor who helps organizations and individuals assess their approach to managing and organizing work processes to improve a company’s performance and safety.

With a proper assessment of your business, we can develop a plan to increase your profitability and minimize your exposure to loss or workplace hazards.

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Implementing the principles of lean management is arguably the most critical step in business efficacy.

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What Can A Lean OSHA Safety Management Consultant Do For Your Organization?

Although there are many types of Lean management and implementations, there is not one lean process all consultants use. That is why SweeterHR offers a free evaluation to find the right process to help protect your business from loss.

By also offering OSHA safety risk management consulting, we can help streamline your business for both efficiency with safety.

Our Process:

Lean Improvement Discovery

No company is just like yours. You have a specific value that you bring to the marketplace. You have processes and procedures that are unique to your business which can be constantly refined and improved with Lean management. From the design of your product/service to the final delivery, every step of your supply chain and customer journey should be evaluated for Lean improvements to increase productivity and profit.

OSHA Safety Severity Assessment

Once we have listed out the various threats and vulnerabilities that your business or organization might face, we will prioritize the safety risk impact it could have. Every business should know the threats to their organization, but more importantly, every business should identify the most significant and most probable safety risks that could occur.

Safety Planning

Once we have identified your safety risks and which threats could have a significant impact, we will develop a plan to protect your business. The plan that you and your Lean OSHA Safety Management Consultant create does not have to be complicated; It can often involve simple updates. In other cases, you may be able to amend language in your contracts to shift liability to vendors, subcontractors, or customers.

Lean Implementation

Now that we have discovered your wastes and risks, assessed their severity, and created a plan of action, we will help you implement the plan in your day-to-day practices. Frequently this involves a shift in culture. Implementing a lean management plan can take time and effort, but even a partially implemented plan is better than not having one.


After you implement your lean plan, we will help you evaluate its performance over time.

Improve and revise (Annually)

As with your other business activities, your lean management changes must follow the same continual improvement process. If you do not improve your lean plan as your business changes and grows, your lean management structure will fall behind.

Make sure you evaluate whether your lean management plans are keeping pace with new exposures in your industry and the economy at large!


A Lean OSHA Safety Management Consultant can help you mitigate risk, increase profit, and be more competitive in your industry.

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