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diwali festival of lights

Holiday Spotlight: Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights

This year, Diwali is observed on Sunday November 12th with festivities beginning the Friday before and ending the Tuesday after, coinciding with the Hindu months, Ashvin and Kartika. Each of the days holds its own celebratory traditions. Throughout the week, the festivities focus on common holiday themes, like prayer and worship, food, family, and charitable […]

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paid sick leave


It is the end of October 2023 and that means the Governor has approved or vetoed the upcoming legislation for 2024! We are surprised more didn’t pass and happy to help guide you through the changes that did. Increase in Paid Sick Leave for California Employees Effective on 01/01/2024, California is increasing the amount of […]

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September Celebrations

September Celebrations

September 4 – Labor DayWhile we all enjoy a long weekend as the summer winds down, few of us stop to consider the origins of Labor Day. Since becoming a federal holiday in 1894 on the heels of the labor movement, Labor Day recognizes the value of the American worker, particularly economically and socially disadvantaged […]

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COVID-19 Exceptions to Form I-9 Process

COVID-19 Exceptions to Form I-9 Process Ending

The ability for employers to examine employee I-9 documentation “remotely”-an exception made to in-person examination put into place during COVID-19, is being discontinued effective July 31st 2023. The US Dept. of Homeland Security and ICE are again requiring that an appointed employer representative examine the original and authentic accompanying documents provided by new hires and […]

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Employment Law Postings Update

Required Employment Law Postings Update

New updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family Medical Leave Act, and Pregnant Workers Fairness Act have just been released. These changes require that the mandatory employment law posters be updated. These changes include: The Pump Act was added to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in May 2023. Access the revised FLSA poster […]

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Minimum Wage Updates in California Cities

Important Update to Minimum Wage in California Cities

Businesses in the following localities must adjust to the increases as they go into effect on July 1, 2023: California New Minimum Wage Increases:Fremont : $16.80Los Angeles (city): $16.78Los Angeles (county – unincorporated areas): $16.90Malibu: $16.90Pasadena: $16.93San Francisco: $18.07West Hollywood: $19.08If you are an employer in an affected area, please ensure that your business’s minimum […]

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sdi and paid family leave

CA SDI (Disability) and PFL (Paid Family Leave) Wage Replacement Benefits Increased

Lower-earning workers in California can soon receive up to 90% of their regular wages through State Disability Insurance (SDI) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) program benefits. Other eligible employees in the state of California can receive up to 70% of their regular wages. Currently, lower-income employees receiving benefits under these programs can expect to receive […]

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Protected Speech in The Workplace

Protected Speech In The Workplace and Profanity

By Lauren Amabile Sr. HRBP The NLRB overruled a 2020 precedent related to the consequences faced by employees who use profane and/or harassing/discriminatory remarks during arguments at work in its May 1st decision in a case involving a manufacturing company based in Texas (Lions Elastomers, LLC.). An employee of Lions Elastomers participated in a tense […]

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pay transparency

Pay Transparency

The new pay transparency law in California requires employers with 15 or more employees to include salary on all job postings and employers with 100 or more employees must report pay data for existing employees. Pay data reports include the median and mean hourly rate for demographics, due on May 10, 2023 to the Civil […]

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earned wage access

Earned Wage Access

Research suggests that earned wage access is becoming more popular in how companies pay their employees. EWA is a revolutionary concept where employees can access their earned wages as early as the same day. Studies have shown that 60% of workers want on-demand pay, which increases a business’s ability to attract, retain and motivate employees. […]

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