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HR Consultants and How They Help

Employee relations can be stressful and tiring matters to handle, particularly for small businesses. When it comes down to it, tying to tackle all of the recruiting, hiring, training, compensation, and retention of employees can be a headache! That’s why many organizations choose to hire an HR consultant to help alleviate some of the pressure. […]

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importance of employee handbook

The Importance of Compliant and Updated Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are a valuable resource and communication point between HR, the employer, and the employee. Handbooks provide information and guidance for new and existing employees in relation to the mission, values, benefits, policies and procedures of the organization. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, an employee handbook acts as a source of defense against […]

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California Right to Recall

Senate Bill 93: California Right to Recall Statute

On April 16, 2021, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Senate Bill 93, which requires certain employers to rehire eligible employees who were previously laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To be eligible for recall, laid-off employees had to have been employed by the covered employer for six or more months in the […]

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CAL OSHA update

6/18/21 “Are we supposed to request proof of vaccination from all employees? What do we do with the medical documentation? Doesn’t this violate HIPPA?” I have heard this from a number of clients today. So we created some answers. I am sure there will be more information and guidance throughout the summer. We will continue […]

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employee assistance program

Looking Ahead to Benefits; EAP and Mental Health!

There has been an uptick in employees who seek mental health help since the pandemic began. A wonderful benefit program employers can add to their policies, for little cost, is an EAP (employee assistance program). Through EAP’s. employees are able to access a set number of mental health counselor visits for themselves and family members. […]

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Paystub in CA

Paystub or Itemized Wage Statement requirements in California

Did you know there are multiple items that must be included on a paystub or itemized wage statement for employees in California? The items that must be on a paystub or wage statement include:• Employee Name• Last 4 of SSN or another employee identification number• Gross Wages• Total hours worked (for hourly non-exempt employees)• All […]

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COVID-19 Retaliation Claims

COVID-19 Retaliation Claims

Employers are facing numerous challenges regarding laws and policies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a constant need to remain fluid and able to meet the requirements in order to keep employees working on site. Recently, an ever-increasing rise of retaliation claims have been filed from employees who allege they were disciplined or discharged […]

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CA HR Consultant

Why hiring an Experienced HR Consultant in California is Important

California is an employee friendly state which means being an employer in California is tricky. The employee laws are vast. Having a California specialized and experienced HR Consultant to ensure you are compliant is extremely important. Did you know that if an hourly employee misses a break you owe them a meal penalty premium? This […]

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