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Recurring or project-based human resource outsourcing

Truly inspired and passionate

 We are truly inspired and passionate about the employee-employer relationship and everything that governs it. From mitigating risk and navigating federal and state regulations, to increasing employee engagement and lowering turnover, we do it all!

SweeterHR is a local HR strategy firm

SweeterHR connects with local businesses to help them navigate their employee needs in California. California can be tricky and sometimes, frustrating as an employer. We get that.

Why go to someone who doesn’t know your local business challenges because they aren’t local? Local HR strategists drive the value of HR for local businesses because they are more knowledgeable of the local environment, regulations, and best practices. They also provide dedicated onsite support.

Why the name SweeterHR:

One of our founders used to bring candy when she traveled to other divisions in her previous company. She gave it away to employees to initiate positive interaction (who doesn’t like candy, right?). One of the Partners at the firm said it was “un-professional”. She disagreed. She believes it is fun, like HR can be. She knew there was a sweeter way to deliver HR.

HR is often seen as mundane, unexciting, and transactional. HR strategy is so much more and should never be boring! It is proactive, dealing with human behavior, and helps people, businesses, and employees soar!

But, HR is so BORING!

HR isn’t boring! We know, often it is seen as something transactional that neither owners nor employees want to handle. But HR is so much more than compliance or telling employees (and owners) they can’t have fun! In fact, we like when people have fun! Happy people are more engaged, take ownership of their work, are more productive, and are less likely to leave their positions. HR, when proactive and as a business partner, can have a positive impact on businesses. It increases employee engagement, increases employee productivity, increases customer satisfaction, lowers turnover, lowers hiring costs, and minimizes risks from lawsuits and fines. Positively, HR is a profit driver!

A world where entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs, promoting community and people.

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Our Story

About Us

We are inspired by HR. It can be the key to business success. We have degrees in HR or HR related fields, are sharm or PHR certified and have many years in California HR experience working with business clients. We stay up-to-date on local, state, and federal laws and approach HR from a business perspective. Everything we do is to promote local business and HR.

Why we started SweeterHR:

Many companies say they are in “HR” or state they’re an “HR” company despite the fact it is not the main service they provide.  Often, it seems like an afterthought. We came across practices we felt didn’t help our small local businesses thrive the way they could with local, value-driven HR support.  

With larger HR companies, businesses often pay a premium for an HR specialist they don’t see regularly. Sometimes the service is entirely by phone from someone, or a group of people, outside California, without any real knowledge of what California businesses go through. Business clients can go months without seeing or speaking to their HR Specialist although they pay for a service each month. 

Many HR Specialists in these large HR companies have up to 90 business clients. It is hard to get dedicated support when one out of 90. In regards to premium HR service companies that keep the HR specialist/client ratio low, there is a price tag that comes along with the increase in service (upwards of $250/hr). This can be a burden for small businesses. It is hard to provide great service to a business client while overloaded with other clients. It is also hard to receive enough proactive HR service to drive value if the business client is limited by a high hourly cost. 

We felt this was a massive disservice to local businesses and HR. Charging small business owners a ton for an HR service they rarely receive, don’t see, or for specialists who are not local, does nothing to help our local businesses grow, compete against the “big guys”, or show the true value of the proactive support of HR. 
During our career in HR we noticed local HR specialist entrepreneurs provided the best value to local businesses. Often the investment was lower for businesses and the HR specialists tend to spend more dedicated time with their clients, driving value. Local HR specialists also know and understood the community in which their business clients operate. For this reason, we focus on connecting local HR specialists with local businesses, supporting our entrepreneurs and helping their communities flourish.

We are truly inspired and passionate

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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

Great employees make great companies. Great companies make great communities. Great employees aren’t born. They’re coached, educated, inspired. SweeterHR connects local business with local HR strategists to increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity while minimizing risk.

Our Vision

A world where entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs; employees are happy, thriving, and engaged, promoting community and people

Our 7 Key Values


We are passionate about what we do. This includes the passion we share to support and promote the employer-employee relationship so that businesses, their employees, and their communities can thrive!

Lifelong Learners:

We love learning and growing. We are constantly adding to our knowledge base to best support our clients, our co-workers, and our communities so that we can foster intelligent innovation and be the go-to for industry expertise.


We have a deep respect for people, businesses, the environment and our communities. We embrace diversity and those who think differently from ourselves. We approach life with an open mind so we can grow and learn. Respect for others is key to our company culture.

Drive Entrepreneurism

We are entrepreneurs who support entrepreneurs to drive growth in business in our local communities.


We are honest, ethical, transparent, and fair. We adhere to our word.


HR isn’t boring! It can be fun, proactive, and uplifting. We work hard and play hard! We believe in bringing kookiness, boldness, and fun to our day and those around us, every day!


Creativity is the heart of what we do. We use creativity in our work, as we solve issues, and in the creation of the future of our company. We think outside the box and refuse to stick to the status-quo. We understand there is always a better way to do something. “Good enough”, isn’t good enough for us!

We are truly inspired and passionate

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