California Wage Increases by City! Minimum Wage Changes

California Minimum Wage Changes

Effective July 1, 2022, these localities will increase their minimum wage to these rates:

Alameda: $15.75/hour;

Berkeley: $16.99/hour;

Emeryville: $17.68/hour;

Fremont: $16.00;

Los Angeles City: $16.04;

Los Angeles County (unincorporated areas): $15.96/hour;

Malibu: $15.96/hour;

Milpitas: $16.40/hour;

Pasadena: $16.11/hour;

San Francisco: $16.99/hour;

Santa Monica: $15.96/hour; and

West Hollywood: $16.00/hour for 49 or fewer employees; $16.50/hour for 50 or more employees

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