Why hiring an Experienced HR Consultant in California is Important

CA HR Consultant

California is an employee friendly state which means being an employer in California is tricky. The employee laws are vast. Having a California specialized and experienced HR Consultant to ensure you are compliant is extremely important.

Did you know that if an hourly employee misses a break you owe them a meal penalty premium? This even applies if an employee takes a short break, shorter than the minimum requirement.

Did you know there are additional fines and penalties for wage and hour violations beyond the above penalty premiums?

Did you know Misclassification of employees as salary exempt or contractors is also very costly?

Why? They often lead to wage and hour claims which rack up back wages, meal penalty premiums, and additional hefty fines. This does not include other issues like workers comp violations for misclassified contractors.

This seems like the extreme, right? Cases like this happen daily to well-meaning companies. To make it more perilous, under PAGA, one employee can sue on behalf of all.

Do you know if your employees are correctly classified?

An experienced HR Consultant can minimize your risk by auditing your practices, give best practice information, ensure you have a compliant handbook and that you are administering policies and procedures correctly (particularly wage and hour issues). They can also help with compensation reviews, retention, and employee engagement strategies all to increase productivity and minimize risk.

What about hiring and terminations? Absolutely!

Experienced HR consultants are available to help with big and little issues that come up so you can focus on the big picture of running your business!

The best part, you do not pay an HR consultant as a full-time employee. There are no payroll taxes, PTO, or benefits. We are there to support you, when you need us. This costs less than a full-time position and provides an unbiased bird’s eye view of your business. We are here for your business when needs arise. We consult and provide proactive best practices when new laws are passed, and we help you plan for the future of your business workforce.

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